Chia Seed Ginger Lemonade

Ingredient :
1 Lemon (peeled)
2 slices Ginger
5 cups water
A bit coconut nectar / maple syrup
12 drops Vanilla essence (medicine flower)
5 TBS chia seed
A few mint leaves

1. Blend lemon, ginger, water and mint in high speed blender, filter the residue with nut milk bag
2. Add suitable amount of coconut nectar, maple syrup or honey.
3. Add chia seeds into the drink, stir well, put aside for 15 minutes to let chia seed soak up water. Serve chill for better taste.


檸檬 1個(去皮)
姜 2片
清水 5杯
椰子花蜜 / 楓葉糖漿 適量
奇亞籽 5湯匙
薄荷葉 少許

1. 把檸檬、薑、清水和薄荷葉倒入攪拌器稍作攪拌,再用隔渣器隔渣。
2. 加入適量的椰子花蜜/ 楓葉糖漿/ 蜜糖 (份量視乎個人喜好。
3. 把奇亞籽倒入飲料中攪拌至均勻,待15分鐘,待奇亞籽發漲即可,冷藏後味道更佳。