Angie Lam

Certified Raw Food Chef 
Ambassador, Superfoods-mart

Angie Lam, talented and compassionate, is a dedicated vegan and Buddhist for over 20 years. Trained as a dental hygienist, she has found her true passion in whole food, which greatly improved her health. She is fully certified as gourmet raw food chef and detox instructor from Pure Joy Culinary Academy (USA) in 2012 and was trained directly by world master raw food chef Elaina Love in Ubud Bali. She is an advocate of incorporating raw food into daily diet by sharing her stories and insights in newspaper and magazine interviews, doing lively raw food demos at health fairs, and teaching raw food classes to her fellow students.

"I used to frequent western and Chinese medicine doctors all the time: constant chronic fatigue, panic disorder, eczema,  arthritis, etc," said Angie. "After adopting a dynamic plant-based food diet, I feel really good inside-out! These superfoods called "raw food" changed my life so miraculously that I couldn’t keep it to myself!"

With a personal mission of helping the others discover a natural way to enhance health and well-being, Angie loves to show people that raw food is very tasty, nutritious and easy to prepare! At the same time, adopting a bio-friendly diet would totally help heal this planet. She has recently published a recipe book entitled "Raw in the City" to share her healthy eating, with special tips on how raw food can achieve beauty and slimming effects.

Like many other modern young ladies, Angie enjoys singing, yoga, anti-aging and beauty. What's more, she's inseparable with her vegan dog, May May, another live miracle as she got cured by raw food after being abandoned near a filthy garbage dumpster! Start your healthy journey and discover the secrets of the nature with Angie now! You can buy her new book here or join her raw food cooking class (schedule can be found here)!

Let's have FUN, and EAT HEALTHY IN STYLE together!

Angie Lam

Superfoods-mart 大使

Angie Lam 是一個才華洋溢,充滿愛心的全素 食佛教徒。她的專業是牙齒衛生師;數年前,她透過天然食物重拾健康,並在當中找到真正的熱誠!2012年,她跟隨全球頂尖生機素食廚師Elaina Love 在巴里島學藝,並獲得了美國Pure Joy Culinary Academy  頒發的生機素食廚師和排毒師證書。為了推廣逐步把生機素食融入日常生活中,她在報章雜誌訪問中分享個人故事和心得,在健康展覽會中示範生機素食,並開班授 徒。

「以前我的身體毛病多多,二十來歲就患有慢性疲勞症候群、恐慌症、濕疹、類風濕性關節炎等。」Angie 分享她的經歷說:「在一個機緣下,我接觸了多元化,以植物和種籽為主的生機素食。這些超級食物神奇地扭轉了我的健康狀況,我裡裡外外感覺非常好!個人經歷了這些改變後,我實在忍不住要和大家分享!」

有了這個幫助他人在天然食物中充實健康的使命感,Angie 樂於展示如何製作可口美味,營養豐富,而且容易預備的生機素食。與此同時,採用環保的生機膳食對維護大自然生態也起着重要的作用。Angie 應出版社邀請,出版新書 「精緻 。生機素食」;在書中 ,她精心撰寫了生機飲食食譜,更特別着墨於如何善用超級食物,達到抗衰老和纖體瘦身的功效!

跟很多現代女性一樣,Angie 喜愛唱歌和做瑜伽。她也是一個美容達人,喜歡鑽研抗衰老和養生方法。另外值得一提的是,她與小狗美美形影不離 - 這只小狗的來歷殊不簡單!她兩年前在垃圾站中發現了渾身骯臟、瘦弱多病、雙目失明的小狗。經過她利用純全天然素食餵養後,這隻素食小狗的健康得以全面恢復,現在又跑又跳呢!

現在,就與Angie 一起踏上健康生機飲食之旅,探索天然食物的奧秘!您可以按此購買新書「精緻 。生機素食」,或參加生機飲食班,自己炮製美味健康素食(請按此參考時間表)!