Angie Lam's "Raw In The City" Angie Lam 著作:精緻。生機素食

66 Raw Vegan Creations
Low GI - No Dairy - Gluten Free - Rawlicious - Anti-aging - Glowing Skin

What is raw food?
A modern lifestyle diet of colourful foods that will shock your palate
with East and West raw vegan gourmet dishes.
These raw dishes of unprocessed, whole plant-based foods help to
regain your health and youth from the inside out!
Raw Lasagne, Tom Yum Goong, Chia Seed Pudding, Kale Chips...
Are you ready to incorporate some raw foods into your current diet?
Whether you are a beginner seeking a raw food diet or just looking
for more green and fun options to eat, then this book should bring
you a few surprises and some inspirations!


你準備好每日一「RAW FOOD」了嗎?


About chef Angie Lam

Certified raw chef / private chef / health detox instructor graduated from a renowned raw food academy in USA, Angie is a one of the pioneers of raw food movement in HK. As a vegetarian for over 20 years, Angie has published a bilingual raw food recipe book "Raw in the City". She often shares nutritious gourmet raw food with mass media and in public events including being the consultant of the 1st HK raw food festival. As a private chef and health consultant for celebrities in town, she helps people look younger and feel great by incorporating living, low GI and gluten free superfood into daily diet and adopting an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

關於 Angie Lam

Angie Lam 是認證生機素食及排毒導師,茹素超過20年, 是本地首批推廣Raw food素食文化的先驅之一, 也是"Raw In the City"一書的作者,經常於常於各大媒體報道及活動中推廣生機素食,更擔任首屆Raw Food Festival的顧問。她亦為多位城中愛美和養生名人作私廚 / 飲食顧問,善於運用superfood等天然素材造出美味養生素食譜, 由淺入深教授低升糖無麩質的Raw food技巧和營養知識, 幫助更多人簡易地將有機純天然蔬食融入日常飲食中, 達到排毒抗衰老及美容健康的環保生活態度。

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