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Superfoods-mart is a virtual green market that brings you premium organic superfoods at your tips. We are dedicated to provide you with the food and tools necessary to build a healthier and more sustainable way of life. To achieve this, our trilingual team in Mexico and Hong Kong source foods and products from all over the world that will provide you with the highest health benefits.

We selectively work with brands that source directly from the origin, ie. farms and care about getting the growers fairly paid. By doing so, we cut down unnecessary middle men and deliver you the best products at the best price in town with no bulk purchases!

[For Hong Kong customers] Shipping above HK$500 is free and members will receive promotions from time to time.

Eat Superfood, Smart!

We believe that health should be affordable, thus sustainable. Healthy foods should not come at extra cost while junk, processed, and denatured foods are readily available at every corner. We offer the highest quality raw, organic, vegan foods and essential health products.