Aires de Campo® Organic Cold-pressed Coconut Oil, RAW (473ml)Aires de Campo®有機冷壓椰子油(473毫升)

Originated from the Pacific coastline of Tecomán, Colima in Mexico, the organic coconut oil of Aires de Campo® is very light and unsaturated. Truly raw, obtained through cold-pressed, it contains very rich nutritive properties and excellent gastronomic characteristics. It enhances our immune system and metabolism, helps to lose weight and comes with no trans fat. Perfect for cooking  in high temperature.


源自墨西哥 Colima州 Tecomán市 的太平洋海岸,Aires de Campo®的有機椰子油質感輕,不飽和。由於椰子油是經過冷壓方法提取,低溫處理,能保存所有營養和酵素;它不含反式脂肪,具一流的食療功效:幫助提升免疫力,促進新陳代謝,更有助減肥!適合高溫煮食。


Aires de Campo®, meaning "Air of the Countryside" in Spanish, is a well-established Mexican brand for 10 years. We strive to bridge up supreme products grown in organic farms and the end-consumers. Because of our devoted work, the brand was recognized as the very first Certified Distributor of Organic Products in Mexico.

We bring a wide variety of certified organic products
to your household, and we make sure that the growers are fairly paid for their hard work. We are proud to create a community that promotes healthy organic eating lifestyle!

Aire de Campo® - 西班牙文解作「郊野的空氣」- 是墨西哥知名品牌,已有十年的歷史。我們致力為有機農場和最終用家直接接軌,為您們帶來優質並有機認證的農作物。在我們的努力下,Aire de Campo® 成為墨西哥第一個「有機產品認證經銷商」。


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