Aires de Campo® Organic Dehydrated Shredded Coconut, RAW (250g)Aires de Campo®有機風乾椰子絲(250克)

Originated from the Pacific coastline of Tecomán, Colima in Mexico, our organic dehydrated shredded coconut is 100% natural, sugar-free and without artificial conservatives. It can be used in all kinds of culinary preparations: pastry-making, toppings, with granola, fruits or other dishes. It is a rich source of fiber and stimulates immune system and metabolism.


源自墨西哥 Colima州 Tecomán市 的太平洋海岸,Aires de Campo®的有機風乾椰子絲,百分百天然,不含糖分或人造防腐劑。適用於各種不同的廚房煮食,包括西餅麵包,撒在穀物早餐,水果或其他菜色中。椰子含豐富膳食纖維,幫助提升免疫力,促進新陳代謝!


Aires de Campo®, meaning "Air of the Countryside" in Spanish, is a well-established Mexican brand for 10 years. We strive to bridge up supreme products grown in organic farms and the end-consumers. Because of our devoted work, the brand was recognized as the very first Certified Distributor of Organic Products in Mexico.

We bring a wide variety of certified organic products
to your household, and we make sure that the growers are fairly paid for their hard work. We are proud to create a community that promotes healthy organic eating lifestyle!

Aire de Campo® - 西班牙文解作「郊野的空氣」- 是墨西哥知名品牌,已有十年的歷史。我們致力為有機農場和最終用家直接接軌,為您們帶來優質並有機認證的農作物。在我們的努力下,Aire de Campo® 成為墨西哥第一個「有機產品認證經銷商」。


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