Aires de Campo® Organic Dried Hibiscus (whole flower) (100g)Aires de Campo®有機洛神花乾(原粒)(100克)

Hibiscus flowers, also known as roselle, are the main ingredient in many wonderfully refreshing teas made around the world, especially in Mexico, Latin America, and North Africa. A popular tea known as Agua de Jamaica, or simply Jamaica in Mexico, is usually served chilled, excellent for quenching thirst!
Dried hibiscus flowers contain vitamin C and other anti-oxidants.

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Dried hibiscus flowers contain vitamin C and other anti-oxidants.

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Dried hibiscus flowers contain vitamin C and other anti-oxidants

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It is an rich source of vitamin C and anti-oxidants for anti-aging results. 

洛神花是世界各地不少花茶的主要材料,尤其是在墨西哥、拉丁美洲和北非。在墨西哥,一種當地的著名飲料就是清涼「洛神花水」,有解渴、美顏的功效!洛神花含豐富的維他命C 和高抗氧化物,有抗衰老的功效。

Aires de Campo® organic dried hibiscus flowers are cultivated in an agricultural sustainable environment in Michoacán, Mexico. Following a traditional artisan process, whole hibiscus flowers are carefully selected, hand-picked and sun-dried. In this way, the intensity of its color, aroma and flavor are conserved.

Ideal for preparing fresh hibiscus water, hot tea and fruit punch. Also try to integrate it in salsas, jams, jelly and stew!

Aires de Campo®有機洛神花乾原產自墨西哥 Michoacán 州一個農業可持續發展的環境,以傳統方法,人手挑選及採摘原粒洛神花,在太陽下曬乾。這樣,洛神花鮮豔的顏色、濃郁的香味都得以保存。



Aires de Campo®, meaning "Air of the Countryside" in Spanish, is a well-established Mexican brand for 10 years. We strive to bridge up supreme products grown in organic farms and the end-consumers. Because of our devoted work, the brand was recognized as the very first Certified Distributor of Organic Products in Mexico.

We bring a wide variety of certified organic products
to your household, and we make sure that the growers are fairly paid for their hard work. We are proud to create a community that promotes healthy organic eating lifestyle!

Aire de Campo® - 西班牙文解作「郊野的空氣」- 是墨西哥知名品牌,已有十年的歷史。我們致力為有機農場和最終用家直接接軌,為您們帶來優質並有機認證的農作物。在我們的努力下,Aire de Campo® 成為墨西哥第一個「有機產品認證經銷商」。


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