BALL Mason Jar (wide mouth) with 2 drink lids 16oz 美國 BALL 玻璃瓶(寬瓶口)連兩個蓋 16oz

BALL Mason Jar is a must-have classic glassware for your household! It is an excellent tool to preserve your sauce, juice or smoothies air-tight (minimize oxidation) in the fridge; you can also use the drink lid with straw hole to make it a stylish smoothie jar to go! One jar, duo purposes!

Made in USA

 美國 BALL 玻璃瓶可稱得上是每一個家庭不可缺少的玻璃容器!可用於儲存您的秘制醬料、蔬果汁或砂冰,扭上瓶蓋密封,減少氧化。換上帶有吸管孔的瓶蓋,便搖身一變成為有型有款的果汁玻璃杯,一物二用!


This BALL Mason Jar is wide mouth size, no handle. It comes with:
- 1 Mason Jar, 16oz
- 1 normal lid
- 1 lid with straw hole and rubber ring for tight seal (Choose the straw hole position: center, side, lovers)

Straws are not included in this product. You can purchase glass / acrylic straws here.

這個 BALL 玻璃瓶是寬瓶口,沒有手柄。套裝包括:
- 1個玻璃瓶,16oz
- 1個普通瓶蓋
- 1個帶吸管洞的瓶蓋(可挑選吸管洞的位置:中央、旁邊、情侶款)

此產品不包括吸管。您可以按此連結購買玻璃 / 亞加力膠吸管。

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