Tribest Slowstar Vertical Juicer with MincerTribest Slowstar直立榨汁機連切碎器

Tribest® Slowstar® Vertical Slow Juicer and Mincer is a quiet single auger juicer that slowly and easily juices your favorite fruits and vegetables from apples and oranges to carrots and leafy greens.

Tribest® Slowstar® 直立榨汁機連切碎器採用單螺旋搾汁科技,能安靜、慢慢地將您心愛的蔬果搾汁,不論是蘋果、橙子,還是紅蘿蔔、綠葉菜,都能勝任有餘。


Tribest® Slowstar® has a low speed of 47 RPM with a 200 Watt motor and 3 reduction gears resulting in the equivalent amount of torque as a 9 HP motor. The Slowstar® creates more than twice the power compared to similar slow juicers that run at 80 RPM with a 150 Watt motor, which produces the torque of a 4 HP motor. The low 47 RPM ensures that you will not lose the freshness, quality, and enzymes in your juice due to friction and heat.

The DuobladeTM Double-Edged Auger makes it possible for Slow- star® to rapidly cut and juice your produce at a low speed for higher yields and reduction of pulp in the juice. The Mincing Attachment turns the Slowstar® into a multi-purpose tool that allows you to create your favorite recipes like sorbets, nut butters, pâté and sauces. Whether you are juicing your favorite fruits and vegetables or using the Mincing Attachment to make sauces or sorbets, the Slowstar® is the perfect solution to get the most out of your produce.

Weight:                     7kg
Country of Origin:     South Korea
Warranty:                  10 years

Tribest® Slowstar®直立榨汁機連切碎器使用47 RPM和200W摩打,有3個減速裝置,能產生相等于9HP 摩打的力矩。跟同類型80RPM和150W的榨汁機(能產生4HP 摩打的力矩),Slowstar®的馬力是足足是兩倍之多。 47RPM的慢速能確保蔬果汁的新鮮、品質和酵素不會因打磨的熱力而耗損流失。

Slowstar® 的雙刀片螺旋設計能在低速下快速切碎及搾汁,能搾出更多汁,減少蔬果汁中的果肉。機身附帶的切碎器令Tribest® Slowstar® 成為一個多功能的工具,讓您能炮製心愛食譜,如義大利雪糕,果仁牛油和醬料等。 無論您是用Slowstar® 來搾汁,還是用附帶的切碎機來炮製義大利雪糕或醬料,它都能在蔬果中盡取所有,是您最好的選擇!

重量: 7公斤
原產地: 南韓
保養期: 10年

2-in-1 Machine with Juicing and Mincing Attachment
Not only can you juice your produce with the Slowstar®, but you can also mince your ingredients to be used for any of your favorite recipes. Just simply replace the top of the machine with the Mincing Attachment to turn the Slowstar® into a multi-purpose tool that allows you to create your favorite recipes like sorbets, nut butters, pâtés, and sauces.

The Power of the Duoblade
Unlike other slow juicers out on the mar- ket, the Slowstar® has a double-edged DuobladeTM auger that creates a double- cut for less jamming and less pulp in your juice. The DuobladeTM easily breaks down stringy, fibrous produce and leafy greens such as kale, celery, and wheat- grass. Having two edges allows the DuobladeTM auger to do twice as much work as a traditional auger, which means it only has to spin at 47 RPM to juice the same amount of produce per minute. The lower speed preserves more nutrients and produces juice with less foam, all while producing a greater juice yield.

Detachable Power Cord

No more tangled cords! Allows you to maintain the integrity of the cord and easily store away the juicer

Feature Highlights:
- Low Speed of 47 RPM
- DuobladeTM Double-Edged Ultem Auger
- Easily converts from Juicer to Mincer
- 3 Stage Speed Reduction Gear with 200 Watt Motor
- Torque power equivalent to 9 HP motor
- 100% BPA-Free Housing & Casing
- Virtually BPA-Free Ultem Auger & Screen
- Quiet Operation







80 RPM 的速度保證您的果汁不被加熱或混入過多氧氣,能保存維他命、營養和酵素。



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