La Tierra® Organic Coconut Sugar (250g)La Tierra®有機椰糖(250克)

Coconut sugar is an excellent replacement for white sugar or cane sugar. It is low in glycemic index and it contains minerals and B vitamins.  What's more, it has a delicious caramel smell!

Coconut sugar is naturally made in a 2-step process: First, a cut is made on the flower of the coconut palm and the liquid sap is collected into containers. Second, The sap is placed under heat until most of the water has evaporated. What's left is coconut sugar.

Weight:                     250g (1lb)
Best Before:             April 2017
Direction of Use:      Ideal to replace any sugar or sweetener for coffee, smoothie, dessert, baking or cooking.



重量:                250克
最佳食用日期:  2017年4月

食用方法:         椰糖可取代任何糖類或甜味劑,加入咖啡、特飲、甜品,作烘培或烹調之用

Why is Coconut Flower Sugar Better for Us?

Low Glycemic Index (GI: 35)

Coconut Sugar has a low glycemic index when compared to white sugar (GI: 68) or honey (GI: 55). Foods high on the glycemic index cause your blood sugar to spike, which can cause your insulin levels to soar in a short period of time, and this can have serious consequences for diabetics.

Rich in Minerals & Vitamin B Complex
Coconut Sugar contains iron, zinc, calcium and potassium, along with some short chain fatty acids, polyphenols and antioxidants that may also provide some health benefits.

Smells Great!
Curiously, instead of smelling like coconut, Coconut Sugar has a natural sweet caramel aroma.

No gluten, No preservatives, No added flavour or color








La Tierra means earth in Spanish; our products are all premium natural products cultivated on earth. La Tierra® aims at promoting a healthy and sustainable way of life. We believe that healthy food should be affordable and accessible to everybody. We source directly from growers around the world, cutting unnecessary middle men. In this way, you are getting GREAT products at LOWER price, providing wholesome nutrition to your body, while the local growers are fairly paid.

La Tierra® Superfoods are all natural and organic with no any additives, artificial addition nor DNA modification. Such nutritious food is essential for a healthy lifestyle. 

La Tierra 意指「大地」,我們的產品,都是由大地豐富的資源孕育出來的優質全天然健康食品。La Tierra®「大 地工房」旨在提倡健康及可持續的生活。我們相信,健康食物應該是人人可以負擔,容易買得到的。我們為大家直接跟世界各地的農莊和合作社採購,減省不必要的 中間人費用,讓大家以較低的價格享受到最優質的食品。為提供身體所需的各種營養的同時,亦確保當地農民收到公平的酬勞。

La Tierra®「大地工房」的超級食物,為有機天然素材,全無添加、無人造色素、無基因改造,營養非常豐富,是有益健康生活中不可或缺的一部分。

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