Milmour 1-Cup Wonder Cup Adjustable Measure Milmour 可調教量杯(1杯容量)

Milmour Wonder Cup is simple in both design and function. Measurements accurately indicate fractions of cups, ounces, tablespoons, teaspoons, as well as metric milliliter scale.

When measuring shortening and solids, fill to brim and level off with back of knife blade or spatula. When measuring liquids, fill to brim.

1) Press to release cup from sleeve. To release cup from sleeve, press with thumb or forefinger at point marked "press" on top of cup.

2) Twist to desired point on scale. Twist sleeve with a rotating movement to desired measurement. If tight, wipe a touch of shortening around inside surface of sleeve.

3) Push to eject contents. To return to closed position, hold sleeve in one hand and push cup.

Made in USA

Milmour 可調教量杯(1杯容量)設計優美,實用美觀,能準確量度不同刻度,包括杯、盎司、湯匙、茶匙和毫升。


Milmour Wonder Cup adjusts to your desired measurement:
- All scales from teaspoons to pints
- Instant conversion between US measures and metrics
- Eliminates clean up between ingredients
- For wet and dry measure
- Ideal for shortening

Milmour 可調教量杯
- 包含所有容量刻度,由茶匙到品脫都有
- 含美制和公制,馬上轉換
- 在量度不同材料時,可免除清洗
- 適合量度濕和乾的材料

$120.00 HK -