Momoto Café - Jaguar Specialty Coffee (1lb / 454g)Momoto「美洲豹特種咖啡」(1磅 / 454克)

Momoto Café selects the best beans from Mexico, organically cultivated under shade at high attitude in the Mexican rainforest. The brand strives to present to the world the best coffee from Mexico by taking care of the process, selection of producers and especially by the master touch: artisan roasting.

Puma is the animal from Mexico selected to represent the character and origin of this coffee.

Momoto Café 挑選墨西哥最佳的咖啡豆 - 這些都是由墨西哥高海拔的雨林的樹蔭下有機栽種而成的。品牌銳意烘培出墨西哥最優質的咖啡:嚴選莊園,悉心照顧栽種過程,到最後大師手中作工藝烘培。


Organic coffee grown in the high mountain of the Cerro de las Delicias in Chiapas, under the shadow, no breeze and cultivated by experienced hands using ancient cultivating methods. No pesticides nor agricultural chemicals were used, just pure spring water in the mountains. The final selection was handpicked grain by grain, by a group of 3 generations of women in the community.

Arabian coffee with European preparation, Momoto Café - Jaguar is a specialty coffee with Q Certificate awarded by the Coffee Quality Institute.

Toasted craftsmanly under the strict supervision of the Momoto Coffee Toaster master, Jaguar was produced in small lots of 10kg, in hot air fabrication of toasters and  Mexican technology.

Momoto Café - Jaguar is smooth, creamy, with red fruit acidity, caramelo sweetness, bitter chocolaty with prolonged aftertaste.

While you enjoy this coffee, you are helping more than 2500 ethnic Tzotzil families. By paying for Fair trade coffee, you assure us of the sustainable cultivate conditions, the livings of the community people and the Mexcian woods among the clouds.


Momoto Café is a 100% Mexican coffee company that strives to find the best organic coffee beans in Mexico. We deal directly with coffee growers to ensure the top quality green beans, which are then carefully roasted in a traditional way.

We are Specialty Coffee
The best coffee is grown in the tropics at an altitude over 1400 meters above sea level, where the humidity is high and the sun does not burn. The fragile coffee cherries seek shelter from direct exposure to the sun and rain, underneath protection of native trees. With no pesticides or chemicals, slowly the fruit ripens over months, acquiring the flavors of the earth.

In Mexico, these conditions are met in the rainforest of the southern mountains flooded by sea breezes from the Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico. We selected three states: Chiapas, Oaxaca and Veracruz. Each brings specific attributes and tastes: floral, chocolaty and fruity, with a balanced body and acidity desired to our blends. Each batch obtains high scores of more than 84/100, to ensure maximum quality and denomination which coffee may have: specialty coffee.

We are more than Organic
We define ourselves as a Bio-Sustainable company. Our products are organic while preserving the environment, flora and fauna. People who grow and cultivate the coffee receive a fair price, with direct trade.

We are Award Winner
Momoto Café was awarded in March 2013 with the Gold Elite Global Quality Award.Global Quality Foundation (GQF) is an autonomous international foundation that seeks to improve processes and quality of services, rewarding and recognizing companies that have improved performance and enriched their environment

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