Rincón Poblano Mexican Artisan Chipotle Chile Sauce (250g)Rincón Poblano 墨西哥手工辣椒醬(250克)

A smoke-dried jalapeño, chipotle chili is an essential ingredient in Mexican cuisine. With a smoky sweet spicy taste, chipotle salsa is ideal for spicing up your meat or vegetarian dishes. You can even try it with Chinese pan-fried noodles, tofu, or other innovative dishes for an appetizing, mouth-watering and exotic taste!


Chipotle辣椒乾 是煙乾的 jalapeño 墨西哥辣椒,是墨西哥美食中不可缺少的材料。Chipotle 辣椒醬帶有煙薰的甜辣味,最適合用來調配肉類或素菜。你更可以加入中式撈麵,豆腐或其他創新菜式中,既開胃美味,又帶有異國風情!


As an artisan Mexican gourmet brand, Rincón Poblano carefully selects all seasoned ingredients of the best quality. They are then artisanly prepared in a traditional Mexican kitchen to produce an exquisite chipotle salsa paramount in Mexican and international cuisines. This is why only very limited quantity is available in the market!

Ingredients: chipotle chile, brown sugar, sugar, salt, vinegar, olive oil, water, sodium benzoate 


作為一個墨西哥手工美食品牌,Rincón Poblano 精心挑選上乘食材,然後在傳統的墨西哥廚房手工炮製美味的Chipotle 辣椒醬,實在是墨西哥和國際美食中不可缺少的醬料!亦因如此,這款辣椒醬在市場上僅限量出售!

成分:墨西哥 chipotle 辣椒、黑糖、糖、鹽、醋、橄欖油、水、苯甲酸钠


Rincón Poblano, meaning "Puebla's Corner", aims at bringing forth the best culinary products of Mexico's gourmet province Puebla. From ingredient selection to preparation, all products are made in a traditional Mexican kitchen in an artisan fashion. With limited supply, exquisite taste and premium quality are guaranteed!

Rincón Poblano - 西班牙文解作「Puebla 的一角」- 旨在製作出墨西哥美食之都 Puebla 的最佳食品。從選材到烹調,所有產品都經大廚一絲不苟地在墨西哥傳統廚房手工製作而成。限量供應,確保味道和品質都是一流的!

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