Tribest SoloStar III Juice ExtractorTribest SoloStar III 慢磨榨汁機

The New Tribest SoloStar III Single Auger Juicer is the newest model in the Tribest SoloStar line, known for its dual-stage extraction process and quiet efficiency. The Tribest SoloStar III Single Auger Juicer features updated auger design and juicing mechanism in order to make vast improvements in performance and quality.

全新Tribest SoloStar III 慢磨搾汁機是品牌系列中的最新型號,以雙重搾取過程和靜能見稱。Tribest SoloStar III 單螺旋搾汁機改良了螺旋的設計和搾汁功能,大大提高了性能和提鍊出來汁液的品質。


The Tribest SoloStar III uses an improved Dual-Stage juicing process to be even more efficient than the 1st generation Solo Star. The ejected pulp is dryer than that from other juicers, which means you get more juice out of your produce. Its extremely slow rotation speed ensures that juice extracted with the Tribest SoloStar III is of the highest quality, and of the best flavor, with no heating of the juice. Less oxidation of the juice can contribute to more of the living enzymes and nutrients being extracted intact.

Weight:                     7kg
Country of Origin:     U.S.A.
Warranty:                  3years

Tribest SoloStar III 改良了雙重搾汁過程,比起第一代更為有效。比起其他榨汁機,它能搾出更多汁,而餘渣亦更為乾身。Tribest SoloStar III 非常慢的旋轉速度不產生任何熱力,能確保搾出來的汁質量最高,味道最好,而氧化低能保存更多活性酵素和養分。

重量:          7公斤
原產地:      美國
保養期:      3年

High Yield
A large single Auger combined with a dual stage screen (coarse and fine) allows you to secure the maximum yield of juice from a wider variety of produce than other single- auger juicers.


Features 100% BPA free housing with Ultem Auger and we have switched to using new materials in a majority of the parts, including both the Juicing Screen and the Auge.

Detachable Power Cord

No more tangled cords! Allows you to maintain the integrity of the cord and easily store away the juicer

Low Speed

80 RPM means that your juice is both not heated and not mixed with excessive oxygen, ultimately preserving vitamins, nutrients and fragile enzymes







80 RPM 的速度保證您的果汁不被加熱或混入過多氧氣,能保存維他命、營養和酵素。

The Tribest Solo Star III Single Auger Juicer can handle all of your toughest juicing jobs, from wheat grass to pine needles quickly and effortlessly. It also can handle many other kitchen tasks:

- Use the Tribest Solo Star III to make nut butters, pates, and delicious sorbets right at home.

- With the included accessories, Tribest Solo Star III can also easily convert into a Pasta Presser. Use your favorite ingredients to make your own fresh spaghetti or fettuccini type pasta noodles. Add different juices to your pasta dough to enhance flavors, and create exciting new colors.

- The Tribest Solo Star III can also be used as a grinder and mill. Grind, chop and mince your favorite spices, or use the mill to make delicious rice cakes right in your own kitchen.


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