Vita-mixTotal Nutrition Center 5200a-Mix Vita-Mix 全能營養攪拌機 5200

Vita-mix Total Nutrition Center 5200 is designed and built for outstanding performance and unsurpassed durability. Now you can join professional chefs and use Vitamix blenders to make easy, fast, and delicious meals every day.

Vita-mix 全能營養攪拌機 5200 的設計理念是表現超卓,耐用持久。現在,您可以像專業廚一樣,每天在家中使用本產品,炮製簡單,快捷和美味的食物。

Create every course of your home cooked meal from frozen drinks to creamy desserts in minutes; the Total Nutrition Center is the universal tool for family meals and entertaining.

Vita-mix Total Nutrition Center 5200 Package includes:
- 2 peak hp motor base
- Wet container (2L)
- Tamper
- "Whole Food Recipes: Taste of Asia" cookbook
- Quickstart instructional DVD

Dimension:             20.5"[H]*8.75"[D]*7.25"[W]
Weight:                   7.2kg
Country of Origin:   U.S.A.
Warranty:                7 years


全能營養攪拌機 5200包括:
- 兩個頂級hp發動機底座
- 濕用器皿(2公升)
- 「天然食物食譜:亞洲的味道」煮食書
- 快捷使用指南 DVD

大小:     20.5"[高]*8.75"[深]*7.25"[寬]
重量:     7.2公斤
原產地:  美國
保養期:  7年

Vita-mix Total Nutrition Centre (TNC) can be utilized in a variety of manner: juicing whole foods, cooking soup from fresh organic vegetables, grind wheat and making homemade ice cream. It blends food at speeds up to 218 miles per hour! 

People everywhere use their TNC for a variety of things:
- New mothers: make baby food from whole foods.  
- People with health issues have experienced an improvement in their health after using the TNC, along with a proper diet  using whole foods for an extended period of time.
- Working people:  It`s such a huge time saver. After a long day at the office, you come home worn out, too tired to cook a full meal. With the TNC, you just throw ingredients into the machine, and in minutes you have a healthy meal!

Vita-mix 全能營養攪拌機 有多用途:天然食物搾汁,新鮮有機蔬菜湯,磨小麥草,以及自制雪糕等,千變萬化,攪拌速度更高至每小時218哩。

- 家有幼兒的母親:用天然食物製作嬰兒食物
- 亞健康人士長時間使用全能營養攪拌機,以正確飲食方法食用天然食物,能得以改善健康
- 在職人士:全能營養攪拌機能為您大大節省時間!當您晚上拖著疲倦身軀回家,沒有力氣作晚飯的時候,您只需把材料放進攪拌機,幾分鐘就能製作出美味的一餐!

Vitamix offers a searchable database of recipes online, see here. This recipe search engine contains countless recipes for a range of whole food preparation, for many purposes.

Vitamix 在網上有食譜搜尋器(按這裡),能讓您找到各樣天然食品的製作方法。

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